Muesli bars production line straight from the manufacturer and 10-40% below market price

Manufacture of bars production lines of various capacities depending on your technological conditions, given productivity, budget

muesli bars production line линия производства батончиков мюсли

About muesli bars production process

The completeness and productivity of the automatic line are designed for large volumes of production.

The machines are made of European-made stainless steel AISI304. High-performance technologies, the use of the latest technological advances, carefully selected components and a practical design of the highest quality steel line allow us to produce competitive products. Type of heating of cooking stations: electrical energy. The patented innovative system of heating with electric energy will reduce energy consumption, reduce the cost of the product, eliminates the need for additional facilities (ventilation system, steam boiler, etc.). In cooking stations of a new type, any risks to life and production that are possible when cooking with natural gas, steam, cylinders, etc. are eliminated, systems that can cause explosions and ignitions are completely excluded. In cooking stations of a new type, 2 different safety systems are built to prevent electric shock.

Automatic systems of gentle molding without pressure according to precisely specified indicators.

An automatic cooling system cools the product in a short time.

Quick transition between products of different compositions, sizes and weights.

Modern high-speed packaging line with automatic feeding system.

Automated line:

  • High-performance kitchen with maximum automation of cooking and serving processes.
  • Unit feed and formation.
  • The cooling tunnel.
  • Product cutting unit.
  • Automatic packaging line with a fully automated feeding system, eliminating the presence of a worker on the distribution unit.

All other possible additional modifications of muesli bars production line on behalf of the customer.