Chocolate coating dragee pan drum machine straight from the manufacturer and 10-40% below market price

Manufacture of coating pans for chocolate coating of various capacities depending on your technological conditions, given productivity, budget

chocolate coating dragee panning drum machine. дражировочная машина. дражировочный барабан

Description of coating machine

The coating machines are designed for coating various products: nuts, dried fruits, candied fruits, confectionery, coffee grains, etc. with chocolate, glaze and glossy shells: sugar, all types of glaze, fondant masses, vitamin-fruit mixtures, natural and confectionery chocolate. It can also be used in pharmaceutical industry.

Coating drums 

  • It is possible to manufacture the required material and volume.
  • It is also possible to assemble a complete coating drum with the desired rpm (rotation per minute) and engine.
  • The production line is made entirely of food grade AISI 304 stainless steel.
  • Rotation frequency 1-60 rpm.
  • Control of rotation speed regulation.
  • Steel thickness: 3 mm.
  • Diameter: 1200 mm (can be customized at request).
  • Power: 2.2 kW.
  • Drum bowl depth: 680 mm (can be customized at request).
  • Feed opening diameter: from 620 mm to 700 mm (can be customized at request).
  • Productivity: from 80 kg to 130 kg.

Syrup cooker for coating machine

  • The cooker is intended only for the preparation of syrup for coating machines.
  • The structure, including the main carrier, is completely made of AISI 304 stainless steel.
  • Author’s development of Kudret Makine engineers.
  • The new type of boiler allows you to save production time by 2 times and reduce the cost of the product due to energy savings from 50% to 300% compared to gas systems.
  • Own patent for production and the right to sell.
  • Adjustable stirrer speed.
  • A more secure digital thermometer system on the control panel compared to gas-fired boilers.
  • The risks of pressure drops, explosion hazard are excluded.
  • An automatic temperature control device makes it possible to give each batch of product the right consistency and the same, uniform color.
  • Insulating layer.
  • One employee is enough for service.
  • The jacket is heated with a special coolant oil.

Cooling and air supply system

  • The cooling system adapts to each enterprise.
  • Cooling temperature 6-22 Cº.
  • Refrigerated air humidity begins from: 20%.

Coating line automation system includes:

  • Pipe kit with heating.
  • Food pumps for feeding glaze to drums.
  • Multiple languages PLC 7.1 control panel (any language can be loaded).
  • Touch control panel for the entire process of the coating line.
  • Ability to set the frequency and amount of pouring chocolate into each individual drum.
  • Intuitive control settings.
  • Ability to store up to 200 recipes.

All possible additional modifications on behalf of the customer.

You can directly pack  dragee candies in packaging lines.

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  • Our equipment works any type of energy source, economical and easy to operate.
  • We keep it fair, you get the production equipment straight from the manufacturer, without additional markup — hence you buy below market price.
  • We work with clients on any budget. From small businesses to large industrial corps including exporters. When manufacturing our production equipment we focus on the unique needs each customer.
  • We are enhancing market standards by proving that confectionery lines are not necessarily expensive. We have various options for machinery— from economical models to multifunctional, pre-programmed models with multi tasking capabilities.




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Kudret Makine is leading Turkish company manufacturer of confectionery equipment using European quality. Our company provides a wide range of design, installation and maintenance services. Our own manufacturing facility is equipped with all the necessary machines, mechanisms and devices. Working with us, you will forget about the constant replacement of equipment, which will save your budget in the future!

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you will reduce 30% of the operational expenses per month due to electricity savings. Overload and short circuit protection

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