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enrobing machine глазировочная машина

About enrobing process

The production of chocolate confectionery has certain nuances in manufacturing technology. Therefore, there is equipment that takes these features into account and is specifically designed to work with chocolate confectionery mass.

Enrobing machines are intended for applying chocolate glaze to confectionery products. Our enrobing machines have the ability to produce different types of glaze: chocolate, sugar and confectionery. Suitable for glazing sweets, cookies, marshmallows, waffles, marmalade, bars, nuts, dried fruits. Basically, enrobing machines are used in large confectionery enterprises as part of a processing line with a tempering machine.

Technical description of chocolate enrobing machine

  • Productivity can be: from 100 kg per 1 hour to 1000 kg per 1 hour.

  • The conveyor belt is completely made of food suitable stainless steel. The belt is automatically cleaned with a special cleaning system.

  • Possibility of glazing both: completely and only the bottom of the product (bottoming).

  • Chambers with a thermal wall.

  • The blowing system is designed to control the thickness of the top chocolate layer on the product. The air blown out by the fan can be adjusted with an accuracy of +/-0.2 oC.

  • The thickness of the bottom cover is adjustable separately.

  • The product flow can be easily controlled thanks to the windows located on the sides. The side covers open and the heating system is accessible in the area of the cover.

  • The speed of the machine can be adjusted to work in sync with the production line.

  • Values such as wall temperature, chocolate temperature, machine speed, blowing rate can be adjusted using the touch screen.

  • Chocolate melting tank capacity of enrober machine 100 kg (can be customized at the request).

  • Vibration of the mesh conveyor.

  • Equipment operation counter.

  • Water level sensor in the water jacket.

  • The possibility of heating the bath without turning on the drum and conveyor.

  • The easy-to-remove mesh conveyor allows excellent access to the icing bath, which greatly simplifies machine maintenance.

  • The transition from one type of glaze to another can be carried out in no more than 1 hour.

Chocolate cooling tunnels

Cooling tunnels are used to quickly cool chocolate or glaze on confectionery after glazing (decoration). The basic principle of operation is as follows: glazed products on a conveyor belt enter the tunnel, where in a confined space they are cooled by circulating cold air to a predetermined temperature. The cooling system has low humidity for the best crystallization of glaze and chocolate. After cooling with the help of the conveyor, the finished products arrive at the packaging.

  • A certain construct (in the form of a trapezoid) of the chamber itself and the air input / output channels allows using air circulation with maximum efficiency, thereby improving the quality characteristics of the manufactured product.

  • Entirely made of AISI 304 chromed stainless steel.

  • The inside and outside of the tunnel will be made of stainless steel material.

  • The tunnel is controlled by a PLC and all of its controls are performed from the touch screen on the enrober.

  • There is an automatic belt tensioning system that prolongs the life of the belt.

  • The base insulation is made of a panel material suitable for foodstuffs.

  • When entering and leaving the tunnel, there is an automatic tape routing system that prevents the tape from moving left and right.

  • The lower tunnel bearings are nickel plated.

  • By means of valves on the lids, cold air can be directed directly onto the product.

  • Speed control system.

  • Tape cleaning system.

Tempering machines

Tempering machines are designed for melting and storing semi-liquid confectionery masses at a given temperature, applying to products or filling molds for chocolate bars. In the tempering machine, chocolate acquires a constant viscosity, which gives an excellent glossy surface after hardening and prevents quick melting in the hands.

All other possible additional modifications of enrobing equipment on behalf of the customer. 

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