Fruit and vegetable chips production line straight from the manufacturer and 10-40% below market price

Manufacture of products drying lines of various capacities depending on your technological conditions, given productivity, budget

Fruit and vegetable chips production line

About production line

Fruit and vegetable chips are a high-quality food product with high dietary and taste properties. Due to its valuable nutritional properties, lack of fat, this product is very popular in the world market and therefore is recommended all over the world by the best experts in the field of nutrition.

An ideal snack for adults and children. These chips are great for school breakfasts, picnics, and it is also a great way to offer fruits to children in an original way.

Filtration machine. The main body is made of stainless steel AISI 304, a tape made of stainless wire mesh, nozzles for water, an air duct for filtering water.

Tanker for preparing water for filtration. Made of high-quality stainless steel AISI 304. At the bottom there is a water outlet valve and a stainless-steel pump that rinses the water for filtration.

Machines for peeling and slicing. These are stainless-steel machines that peel and cuts products in a given shape. Cut thickness is adjustable. Blades are easily replaceable.

Stainless steel table. It is made of stainless profile and stainless-steel sheet. Equipped with casters. It is used to line up sliced ​​products in a drying tray.

Dehumidification (drying) cabinet is unique in the function of drying the product with heated air, unlike conventional drying cabinets, which, like in an oven, simply heat the spirals. Here, heated air flows evenly dry all products and draw air out, there is a constant circulation of heated air, which ensures the drying of the product while maintaining all the vitamins and taste. PLC temperature control system. Touch screen. Stainless wire mesh tape.

  • Dimensions, performance and other parameters are customized according to requirements.
  • All other possible additional modifications of fruit and vegetable drying equipment on behalf of the customer.